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Jan. 23, 2019

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American entrepreneur travels to India to meet overseas web development team face-to-face

SAN FRANCISCO – This month, American entrepreneur Alex Eckhart travels 8,000 miles from his studio in the redwoods of Northern California to a web development office in the bustling tech hub of Ahmedabad, India. For the first time, after six years of collaboration and hundreds of successful joint projects, Eckhart and his partners at IndyLogix Solutions will finally meet in person.

The trip represents more than tourism as it showcases the possibilities of modern-day, global business at its best. IndyLogix Solutions enables Eckhart to run a remote creative agency while globetrotting. And, Eckhart brings IndyLogix Solutions international clientele. Using a borderless business model, together they have built world-class websites for brands including Fashion Bomb Daily, Brian Rashid Global, Grace Wine Company, Wiwibloggs and Foundation Cigar Company.

“When most people hear I work with India, they are so quick to call it ‘outsourcing’. They couldn’t be more wrong. We work together in real-time, share our news of the day, teach each other about local events and customs and get creative work done along the way. I know these guys better than most local developers I’ve worked with for just as long.”

Eckhart, who has wanted visit India since listening to sitar records as a child, is now presented with an exciting reason to fulfill this lifelong dream. IndyLogix Senior Developer Vishal Parikh, his trusted 31-year-old confidant, is getting married, and Eckhart is invited to participate in the celebration. Their meeting will be a celebration in itself — one of modern-day cultural ambassadorship, the possibilities available to an Indian-American connection and a story of hope for young entrepreneurs around the world who are looking for proof that you can earn a living doing what you love.

Eckhart and the IndyLogix team are available for interviews. They are ready to discuss their unique partnership and the fundamentals of their success. If you are interested in arranging a meeting in Ahmedabad (Jan. 27 – Jan. 30) or a call, please contact us at

Following the trip, we will have professionally produced photos and video clips available for your use. Please look out for a future press release containing those materials.

About Alex Eckhart
Eckhart is a California-based Entrepreneur and Creative Director. He collaborates with talented designers and developers around the world, helping his clientele grow their businesses and spread their messages across all digital platforms. He was recently featured in the Wiley title “Virtual Teams for Dummies.” His other occupations include modeling and video production.

About IndyLogix Solutions
IndyLogix Solutions is an Ahmedabad-based market leader in providing end-to-end web, app, and e-commerce solutions. Founded by Pankaj Wagh, winner of the University of Ahmedabad 2017 IT Entrepreneurship Award, IndyLogix recently celebrated seven years of operation. IndyLogix Solutions practices taking care of its customers, team, and broader community.